Only One Application For Fun

The community of fun people who want to share their activities.

Are you tired of transportation when you go out? OOAFF lets you go out where you are! It's also the instant dating app for people in a hurry to have fun.

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Open tables

Meeting people is easy. Find an OOAFF open table around you at one of our partners! Sign up and share a friendly moment with the community.

Create your own events

You can join or create any OOAFF event you like!

Go to the movies, go bowling or even shopping.

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Join a community

Expand the community of OOAFFers by sponsoring your friends or favorite institutions.

Main Menu

In this menu you find your friends list to easily communicate with the people you have met and added. You can activate your «Premium» Pack with your earned points. Don't hesitate to consult the help section if you have any questions.



In the section my OOAFFs you can find all your past and future activities to be sure not to forget anything. You will be able to restart past OOAFFs easily and find the itinerary to your next activities.


Here you can create all kinds of activities. Go for a drink, play sports, go to a museum or a movie. The only limit is your creativity! Describe the atmosphere of the place, choose the number of invited participants, the languages spoken and many other things...!


QR code 

Your security is our priority, only the scan of the personalised QR code allows you to be added to the list of friends and follow your future activities. You can also sponsor those who have not yet adopted OOAFF or your favourite places to earn points to be exchanged for the «Premium» Pack.


Easily view all the OOAFFs created by community members on the map or in a list. You can also see our partners "" who will be delighted to welcome you to the OOAFF table and even benefit from discounts reserved for our beautiful community.




To help you find what you like and save time, we have created a comprehensive search engine. You can select the type of activity, the date, the time and even the languages spoken. You can also search by keyword to see only what you like.

Get the «Premium» Pack

Earn points by sponsoring or participating in OOAFFs. Exchange them for the «Premium» Pack.

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Make real friends

Meet OOAFFers and scan their QR code to add them to your friends list.


You'll be able to inform them of your next OOAFFs created.

Download OOAFF!

The first app that you don't download but adopt.
It accompanies you everywhere to join the nice people around you and share your favourite activities. Finally, a faithful app that protects you from boredom.

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